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I could not find a better solution to see my Outlook public calendar on a mobile device!

About Sync2 Cloud

Sync2 Cloud is a time-saver software to add Public Folder Calendar to Outlook 365. Create public Calendar in Exchange account and share it with Outlook Calendar. Open public Calendar on your Google, iCloud, Office365 or a mobile device. Manage sync direction and schedule.

Add Public Folder Calendar to Outlook 365 and other Sync2 Cloud features

Add public Calendar to Google, Office 365, iCloud or any mobile device you use. Compatible with Android, Apple and Windows devices.

Add Public Folder Calendar to Outlook 365

Add Public Folder Calendar to Outlook 365

It is very simple to add Public Folder Calendar to Outlook 365. Install Sync2Cloud on the computer with Outlook. After an easy setup your public Calendar events and meeting will be synced and displayed in Outlook.

Access Public folder on a phone

Access Public Folder on a phone

Access your Outlook public Folder on a mobile device and access it anywhere you are. Simply synchronize your public folder with Google/iCloud/Office365 accounts.

Automatic synchronization with iCloud, Google, Office 365

Automatic synchronization with iCloud, Google, Office 365

Your Outlook is synchronized automatically at the time intervals of your choice. All chosen data updated instantly, even if your Outlook is closed. Sync2 Cloud supports manual synchronization as well.

Synchronize with different Outlook versions

Synchronize with different Outlook versions

Sync2 Cloud is compatible with all Outlook versions. Update iCloud Contacts from Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 or 2019. One Outlook account can be synchronized with several Cloud based sources.

One-way or two-way synchronization

One-way or two-way synchronization

Choose 1 or two-way synchronization directions for different team members. Sync2 Cloud allows bidirectional sync between public Calendar and Outlook, Google, iCloud, Office365, or mobile device Calendar

How to add Public Folder Calendar to Outlook 365

Step by step instructions on how to add Public Folder Calendar to Outlook 365

How to Add Public Folder Calendar to Outlook 365
  1. Purchase the license and activate it. Install Sync2 Cloud on a computer with Microsoft Outlook;
  2. Launch Sync2 Cloud and create a new synchronization profile;
  3. Choose public Folder source option;
  4. Choose which public folders you want to synchronize;
  5. Click “Finish” to start synchronization immediately or configure advanced synchronization settings.

About Outlook 365

Easily add Outlook 365 Public Folders to smartphone with Sync2 Cloud software.

Outlook 365

Outlook 365 or simply Outlook, is a Desktop version of Microsoft Outlook. It is part of Microsoft Office product line. It features email client, Calendar, Address book and Task manager.
Microsoft also offers subscription based plan - Office 365. With it, you get Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook subscriptions. You can access your files on any computer with internet connection.
With desktop Outlook - you can access your files only on one computer. Though, no internet connection is required and your product has no expiration date.

About 4Team Corporation

About 4Team Corporation

The company behind Sync2 Cloud

4Team Corporation is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and independent software vendor. Since 1999 we are developing software for Microsoft Windows and Add-ins for Microsoft Outlook. Our Sync2 Cloud makes collaboration between different platforms an easy task. Add Public folder, Calendar, Contacts list or Tasks to devices you use. We are serving hundreds of thousands of customers around the world. We are very proud to be highly recommended by our customers and offer award-winning support.

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