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The product has been a tremendous help to Janice and I as we try to share a calendar. I would not thought this was possible. Sync2Cloud has been a great investment. Today's service was spectacular. The technician was fast and laser accurate on fixing the problem. Thank you very much!"

Sync Outlook with iPhone and other Sync2 Cloud features:

Two-way synchronization between Outlook and iPhone.

Two-way synchronization between Outlook and iPhone.

With Sync2 Cloud you can choose synchronization direction between Outlook and iPhone. With two-way synchronization, changes made in one source will be automatically transferred to the other.

Automatic sync between Outlook and iPhone without iTunes.

Automatic sync between Outlook and iPhone without iTunes.

Using Sync2 Cloud you can automatically sync Outlook with iPhone without iTunes. Once you synchronized Outlook with iPhone, you can be sure that your Contacts, Calendars and Tasks are in sync at all times.

Sync Outlook with multiple iCloud accounts and iPhone.

Sync Outlook with multiple iCloud accounts and iPhone.

Sync2 Cloud gives you a possibility to sync multiple iCloud accounts with Outlook. Edit events and appointments and add them to all calendars. Choose what calendars you want to share with your colleagues, family and friends.

How to Synchronize Outlook Calendar with iPhone and iCloud

Just follow the steps below:

  1. Disconnect from iTunes synchronization;
  2. Download and Install Sync2 Cloud on a PC where Microsoft Outlook needs to be synchronized;
  3. Launch Sync2 Cloud, select “Add source/account”, choose iCloud synchronization option and log in to you iCloud account;
  4. Select what you want to sync and click “Next”;
  5. If you want to choose synchronization direction between iPhone and Outlook, choose the advanced synchronization options;
  6. Click “Finish” and begin synchronization.
  7. Repeat steps 3-6 to add Calendars or Contacts from other iCloud accounts, if you want to sync Outlook with multiple iCloud accounts.
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