Version History

August 24, 20202.11Major Update

The update fixes an issue where if you added a new Google/iCloud synchronziation source and start synchronization it would get stuck on 10-18%. Synchronization would not progress at all. This applied to new synchronization sources only.

August 14, 20202.10Major Update

This update introduces 3 new synchronization sources - Yahoo, CalDAV and Zoho!!! Application currently supports Yahoo synchronization of calendar and tasks, Zoho calendar synchronization. Synchronization of CalDAV will depend on the CalDAV server that is synchronized - it can either support calendar or tasks or both. CalDAV server address can usually be found on most popular calendaring service providers documentation.

Functional Changes:

  • Introduced 3 new sources:
    • Zoho - Supports synchronization of calendar events
    • Yahoo - supports synchronization of calendar events and tasks
    • CalDAV - supports synchronization of calendar events and tasks if the CalDAV server allows it.

Issues Fixed:

  • Fixed an issue where login to Office365 synchronization source would not work.

June 26, 20202.02Major Update

This a crucial update with a lot of bug fixes. Most notably there were issues with iCloud calendar event and contacts synchronization.

The following issues were fixed:

  • In some cases contact changes would not synchronize from Microsoft Outlook to iCloud.
  • Certain calendar events on iCloud would not synchronize successfully to Microsoft Outlook.
  • Birthdays would get moved back a day in case certain time zones were used.
  • Certain calendar events would move back by 1 hour with a certain timezone (GMT +10).

April 28, 20202.01Major Update

The hotfix resolves the issue where application would not start when the recent Microsoft Outlook update 2003 or 2004 would be installed.

April 2, 20202.00Major Update

The update introduces shared folder synchronization! A lot of bug fixes, developer settings and more!

New features:

  • Introducing new feature – synchronization of shared folders. In case you want to access shared folders that are shared with you on your Mobile Phone, you can do so with Shared folder synchronization.

Issues Fixed:

  • Sources which some data types (e.g. calendar) cannot be accessed will now be possible to add to the application, with the data types that cannot be accessed will be disabled.
  • Fixed an issue where shared mailbox could not be synced.
  • Improved text while Public Folders are loading
  • Fixed an issue where iCloud calendar events would not sync with certain time zone (GMT +10).

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