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Sync Exchange and Office 365 with Google and other Sync2 Cloud features:

  • View Exchange Calendar in Google Calendar

    With Sync2 Cloud you can synchronize Exchange Calendar and Contacts with Google Calendar and Contacts. After synchronization you can view and edit your calendar events or contacts either in Exchange or Google.
  • Sync Office 365 Calendar with Google Calendar

    Sync2 Cloud lets you synchronize your Office 365 Calendar with Google Calendar, you just need to add Office 365 account to Outlook and then choose Google synchronization option in Sync2 Cloud. You can also sync Office 365 Contacts with Gmail Contacts.
  • Add Exchange Calendar to Google

    Add Exchange Calendar to Google, and you will be able to see and edit your Calendar events either using Exchange or Google account. Also, you can easily share your Calendar events with others.

How to Synchronize Exchange or Office 365 with Google

Just follow the steps below:

  1. Download and Install Sync2 Cloud on a PC where Microsoft Outlook needs to be synchronized;
  2. If you don’t have Exchange/Office 365 account set up in Outlook, you should add the account. If you do have the account, skip this step;
  3. Select “Add account”, choose Google synchronization option and log in to your Google account;
  4. Select what you want to sync and click “Next”;
  5. Choose the advanced options to make sure that calendars and contacts set up in Outlook are the same folders as in Google;
  6. Click “Finish” to begin synchronization;
  7. Repeat steps 3-6 to add Calendars or Contacts from other Exchange/Office 365 accounts, if you want to sync Google with multiple Exchange/Office 365 accounts.
Note: You will have to add Exchange/Office 365 account to Microsoft Outlook.

To learn more about how to add Exchange/Office 365 account to Outlook click here.

In a few moments your Exchange/Office 365 Calendar and Contacts will be synchronized with Google Calendar and Contacts.

More features:

  • Sync Google Calendar with Office 365
  • Sync Google Contacts with Office 365
  • Exchange and Google Calendar Sync
  • Sync Google Calendar with Exchange
  • Sync Google Contacts with Exchange

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