Version History

November 4, 20212.22Major Update

The update fixes crucial bugs that were discovered by our customers.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where Public folders could not be configured at all.
  • Fixed an issue where newly added Google Contact groups would not sync.
  • Fixed an issue where exceptions of recurring calendar events would not sync with Google and iCloud.

September 27, 20212.21Major Update

The hotfix resolves synchronization issues for some users.

Bug Fixes:

  • Recent changes in Google APIs were causing synchronization errors for some users. The changes affected users who were using Google as a source. We noticed that Google Calendar and Google Tasks were affected.

September 15, 20212.20Major Update

The main purpose for the update is to change from Google Contacts API (that is being deprecated) to Google People API.

Technical Changes:

  • Updated from Google Contacts API to Google People API. Users will not have to re-authorize their Google accounts to use the new Google People API.

Bug Fixes:

  • The new source wizard will be started automatically when the application is launched and there are no sources currently configured.
  • Sources icons were updated.

January 14, 20212.12Major Update

Changed how a new Google source is added for synchronization. Default browser will be used to login and grant permission to synchronize calendar/contacts and tasks instead of logging in within the application.

August 24, 20202.11Major Update

The update fixes an issue where if you added a new Google/iCloud synchronziation source and start synchronization it would get stuck on 10-18%. Synchronization would not progress at all. This applied to new synchronization sources only.

August 14, 20202.10Major Update

This update introduces 3 new synchronization sources - Yahoo, CalDAV and Zoho!!! Application currently supports Yahoo synchronization of calendar and tasks, Zoho calendar synchronization. Synchronization of CalDAV will depend on the CalDAV server that is synchronized - it can either support calendar or tasks or both. CalDAV server address can usually be found on most popular calendaring service providers documentation.

Functional Changes:

  • Introduced 3 new sources:
    • Zoho - Supports synchronization of calendar events
    • Yahoo - supports synchronization of calendar events and tasks
    • CalDAV - supports synchronization of calendar events and tasks if the CalDAV server allows it.

Issues Fixed:

  • Fixed an issue where login to Office365 synchronization source would not work.

June 26, 20202.02Major Update

This a crucial update with a lot of bug fixes. Most notably there were issues with iCloud calendar event and contacts synchronization.

The following issues were fixed:

  • In some cases contact changes would not synchronize from Microsoft Outlook to iCloud.
  • Certain calendar events on iCloud would not synchronize successfully to Microsoft Outlook.
  • Birthdays would get moved back a day in case certain time zones were used.
  • Certain calendar events would move back by 1 hour with a certain timezone (GMT +10).

April 28, 20202.01Major Update

The hotfix resolves the issue where application would not start when the recent Microsoft Outlook update 2003 or 2004 would be installed.

April 2, 20202.00Major Update

The update introduces shared folder synchronization! A lot of bug fixes, developer settings and more!

New features:

  • Introducing new feature – synchronization of shared folders. In case you want to access shared folders that are shared with you on your Mobile Phone, you can do so with Shared folder synchronization.

Issues Fixed:

  • Sources which some data types (e.g. calendar) cannot be accessed will now be possible to add to the application, with the data types that cannot be accessed will be disabled.
  • Fixed an issue where shared mailbox could not be synced.
  • Improved text while Public Folders are loading
  • Fixed an issue where iCloud calendar events would not sync with certain time zone (GMT +10).

December 10, 20191.90Major Update

The update adds synchronization of public folders with Outlook. All types of items can be synchronized - calendar, contacts, email, notes, tasks public folders. Selected Public folders will be synchronized with a new folder on Outlook. New type of synchronization allows viewing and editing public folders even on mobile devices!

New features:

  • Synchronize calendar, contacts, emails, notes and tasks type Public folders with Outlook.
  • Set automatic scheduling for Public Folders.
  • Automatic Sync direction configuration based on the permissions set for a public folder. Sync direction can be changed as well if public folder permissions allow it.
  • Synchronization of emails that were received within the Outlook email retention policy will be performed.

October 8, 20191.83Major Update

This update fixes a lot of issues. The most critical issue was that some users could not add and sync iCloud account.

Issues Fixed:

  • iCloud account could not be added to the application for some users.
  • When adding a folder for synchronization - program would close unexpectedly in certain scenarios.
  • Updated error message in case session could not be established when starting the program.
  • In some cases, notifications would stay unread in the notification tab even after they are read.

September 13, 20191.82Major Update

The update addresses a major issue with latest Windows Updates. Some other functional changes and fixes are included as well.

July 31, 20191.81Major Update

The update includes several bug fixes.

Issues Fixed:

  • In some cases an iCloud account could not be added.
  • Several fixes are related to calendar event synchronization to Google and iCloud.

May 8, 20191.80Major Update

This update introduces sharing calendar functionality. You can now share calendar to any cloud service - Google, iCloud, Office365.

November 19, 20181.74Major Update

This version of Sync2 Cloud includes a hotfix that resolves synchronization issues when non-default folders are used for synchronization.

November 6, 20181.73Major Update

Due to recent changes to iCloud from Apple Inc., functionality of Sync2 Cloud was affected and your Calendar events and tasks may not synchronize from Outlook to iCloud correctly.

October 4, 20181.72Major Update

The updated version of Sync2 Cloud will synchronize calendar events and tasks even with the latest 2018 Windows October Update.

May 8, 20181.70Major Update

This update now offers synchronization of meetings / events with attendees and their statuses between Outlook, Google and iCloud events.

Functional Updates

  • Synchronization of attendees in events is now supported. The attendees’ list and their acceptance status are now synchronized both ways with Outlook meetings, Google and iCloud events. You as owner of a meeting can now make an update to it on any device / source and be sure your meeting attendees are informed about the change.

Issues Fixed

Sync2 Cloud Issues:

  • In one-way synchronization scenarios, in case an item was deleted on the source where updates were synchronized to, further updates of this item would not be synchronized.
  • In some cases, the event time would be synchronized incorrectly, when its time was updated from all-day to a specific time slot.
  • Several UI issues that were encountered with higher DPI settings were fixed.
  • When connecting an Apple iCloud account, pasting the password into the field would keep the Login button disabled.
  • The “Welcome” notification shown in the Notifications tab had incorrect date.

January 24, 20181.60Major Update

This update now supports German and French languages. It also addresses several issues encountered by our customers with Google Contacts synchronization.

Functional Updates

  • German and French languages are now supported. Users with German or French systems will now see Sync2 Cloud interfaces with these languages as well.
  • Google Birthdays and Holidays Calendars are now available to select for synchronization with Outlook Calendars.

Issues Fixed

Sync2 Cloud Issues:

  • Some contact updates made in Outlook were not synchronized with iCloud in some scenarios.
  • The “File As” field in Google Contacts appears empty in some usage scenarios; this field is now ignored, if it’s empty, when synchronizing it with Outlook Contacts.
  • The “Full name” and “Display name” fields in Outlook were not synchronized correctly from Google Contacts in some cases.

September 27, 20171.50Major Update

The update now offers to try automatic synchronization according to selected schedule for first 7 days for free. It also introduces additional Free version limitation – manual synchronization is only available once in a month.

Functional Updates

  • Try Automatic Synchronization for Free. You can now try Pro version feature – automatic synchronization – for 7 days after the product first run.
  • Additional Free version limitation – manual synchronization is only available once in a month.

Issues Fixed

Sync2 Cloud Issues:

  • Several issues related to recurrent events synchronization have been fixed.
  • Application was closing unexpectedly after showing splash screen in case there was no internet connection available during application start.
  • Application was closing unexpectedly during start on some systems where Windows username contains non-English characters.
  • Synchronization would constantly fail in case Microsoft Outlook has been upgraded from x86 to x64 and vice versa.

August 31, 20171.41Major Update

New version of Sync2 Cloud has been released.

Functional Updates

  • This update includes Sync2 Cloud new synchronization updates related to Calendar events synchronization.


June 20, 20171.40Major Update

The new version fixes the issue with the iCloud login. From now on Sync2 Cloud supports the iCloud login update with app-specific passwords. This version also includes fixes related to Calendar synchronization.

May 8, 20171.30Major Update

This update offers increased speed of subsequent synchronization for Contacts and Tasks and improved synchronization results, as an additional cycle is performed during synchronization to ensure all the latest updates are applied to all sources.

Functional Updates

  • Increased speed of subsequent Contacts and Tasks synchronization.
  • Additional quick synchronization cycle is now added to synchronization process to ensure all merged data is in sync.

Issues Fixed:

  • A few different issues related with synchronization of recurrent events and their exceptionshave been fixed.
  • Events in some cases would be synchronized with incorrect time / duration into Outlook.
  • The “Job” field was removed in some cases during merging of already existing contact on both sources, if that contact on one source had the empty “Job” field, and non-empty on the other.
  • Labels for email addresses in some cases were incorrectly updated in Google Contacts, when several emails were merged from Outlook.
  • Synchronization of a specific contact to Google Contacts would fail with error, if the contact contains large notes.
  • In some cases, a deleted contact from Outlook folder would be restored back during the next synchronization.
  • In some scenarios, when modifications were made to the same item on both sides, they were not synchronized correctly with different sources during the subsequent synchronization.
  • In some scenarios, the task updates would not be synchronized between Outlook and Exchange or iCloud accounts.
  • If an attachment was deleted from some existing events, such deletion was not applied in some cases to Exchange or iCloud during the subsequent synchronization.
  • In some cases, when a group was deleted in the account, the related folder was not deleted in Outlook, in case the appropriate option was enabled in settings.
  • Errors in log were registered related to “metadata for item attachment” in some cases, when the folder that was removed from synchronization contained items with attachments.

March 10, 20171.20Major Update

This update offers increased speed of subsequent synchronizations for Calendars, as well as further improvements related to recurrent events and contact fields synchronization.

Functional Updates

  • Increased speed of subsequent Calendar synchronization
  • Information about possible 2-step verification enabled for Exchange has been added to the login screen.
  • Better support for custom Exchange server logins

Issues Fixed

Sync2 Cloud Issues:

  • A few different issues related to synchronization of recurrent events and their exceptions have been fixed.
  • Some yearly recurrent events with specific recurrence patterns would be duplicated after the first synchronization with Google Calendar in some scenarios.
  • In some cases, all day event would stretch to multiple days when synchronizing from Outlook to Exchange / Office 365 account.
  • Events that started before the date set in synchronization settings to filter events, but ended after that date, were not synchronized.
  • In some cases, changes made in similar contacts belonging to multiple groups were not synchronized from iCloud back to Outlook.
  • The “Office” field was not synchronized from Outlook to Exchange contact in case the “Company” field was empty
  • Task completed dates were updated to the date synchronization was performed in some scenarios
  • The last synchronization date was not updated in case it was finished with some synchronization issues.
  • Some issues related to showing error messages after the login attempts have been fixed in the login step.
  • Application could not start for current Windows user, if it was running on another active Windows user account.
  • The application could not run in case it was installed on the system with Microsoft SQL Server Compact edition 4.0 already installed without SP1.
  • Several text-related issues fixed in application dialogs.

February 8, 20171.10Major Update

This update addresses login issues with Office 365 / / Exchange accounts. It also offers many improvements with events synchronization.

Functional Updates

  • Login to Office 365 / / Exchange accounts is better supported.
  • Improvements in the recurrent events synchronization for all supported sources have been made.

Issues Fixed

Sync2 Cloud Issues:

  • Message informing about 2-step authentication for iCloud has been added into the iCloud login dialog, when login attempt is unsuccessful..
  • Items that were moved from one folder to another in Outlook during synchronization were not synchronized correctly to another source when instant synchronization was enabled.
  • In some cases, deleted data from several fields were not deleted from Outlook after synchronization from iCloud.
  • None of the data was synchronized into Outlook from any source in case selected Outlook folder would be created in the Advanced Synchronization setup step.
  • In some cases, contacts with specific “File As” values were not synchronized from Outlook to iCloud.
  • Automatic schedule for synchronization was not enabled by default in case product was activated during new synchronization configuration.
  • Application would crash on attempt to open “What to Sync” dialog in case folder names contain specific symbols.
  • Folder backup would fail during synchronization attempt of folder which name contains specific symbols.
  • Several text-related issues fixed in application dialogs.

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